A downloadable game for Windows


Created as my first attempt at learning to code using GameMaker: Studio, this game was created over about a month or so at the end of 2014. I figured I might as well share it because although it's bare bones there's something about it that I find fun. Maybe one day I'll revisit it and see if I can make something more substantial now I've got experience under my belt.

Orcs gather outside your castle. Stop them climbing the walls by dropping rocks on their head. If any get to the top, kill them with your sword.

Axe wielding orcs will try to bash open the doors at the top. Once a door is open bomb orcs will try to get through to blow up the castle (you'll have to use your imagination for the explosion though). Don't let them - that's GAME OVER!

Kill multiple orcs with one rock to increase your multiplier, and cause treasure chests to appear.


Arrow keys - move left and right
Z - Drop rock
X - Swing sword


SirBeardyknight- 3 MB